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1901 South Jefferson Avenue, Lebanon, MO 65536
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+1 417-532-7155


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  • Jamie J
    Jan, 26 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    This is an email I sent to the manager of the store after almost a month of struggling to get ANY call backs from ANYONE at their store. He never replied. I gave him over a week. I finally called after no response and asked him if he read his emails. When he said yes, every day, I was so angry I just hung up on him:

    "We were in your store weeks ago and arrived just before closing time. We are building two houses and need help putting together the roof so that our consultant can review the plans. I left our plans there and told the person we were building an earthen roof so I really needed to talk to someone about our options, what type of wood you have available etc. I waited a week and no one called back. So I called the store again and they said to contact Bill Hicks. I left a message for him there at the store, no return call. I called the store again and they gave me his cell phone number. I called it and he said he never received the plans but that he was on the way to the store. I told him I need to TALK to him before any work was done, he said he'd call later that day. I waited a week, no return call. I've left several more messages for Bill and no return call.

    So I called your store again to ask for another sales person to help me because this one won't call us back. The person on the phone, don't' remember the name, said he'd be in that after noon and he WOULD call me back. Nope, again no call back. So 2 days ago we called the store again and talked to Ramsey. He said that Bill is NOT the person I should be talking to and that the plans would be in Springfield being reviewed and they would call. STILL no call.

    I did not ask for anyone to start working on these plans, I have asked over and over for someone to CALL us and discuss the process, what type of lumber you have available and I would like to explain the type of roof we are putting in before any work is done. At this point I have NO idea if anyone is working on this or not. It could be that Bill came in, saw the plans and forwarded them to Springfield. But how would I know?

    We are SO frustrated by the total lack of customer service we are getting from your store. We picked your store because we felt you had good prices, but that will only keep a potential customer so long. At this point I have our consultant waiting, we are waiting and we just want to know WHAT IS GOING ON. If we do not here something from someone by very early next week, we are moving on. If you have already spent time and money figuring out our roof, then that will be a cost you loose because of poor customer service. "
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